man mike shards fuck me up

help I have to get up and shower but my kitten won’t get off me

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will that gold armor make me iron man tho

it does not make you iron man

also like
i need to be better and be as gay as joaquin actually is around nifty

i’m just bad at it okay

like when he healed joaquin before the fight joaquin woulda been like “i love you so much.” and i was thinking it i was just too embarrassed TO SAY IT

and rn joaquin just wants to fucking cry and he got his hopes up that they could fix this all here and it didn’t work and he just wants to go hug his husband and for nifty to be like “stop crying and go fucking fix it ur wasting time get over yourself”

will that gold armor make me iron man tho

I had a really cute spell in mind to cast on toivo last night
but Lesley rolled two ones trying to cast it and kinda devastated himself when
his magic just completely stopped working

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the distress i feel not knowing which hogwarts house joaquin would be in is real

i was so sure upon making him it would be slytherin

and i took the pottermore test (a side one bc that’s a lot of work) and got a 25% split on all four
he’s competitive, witty, way too loyal and doesn’t back down ever

penny is the perfect addition to qdndos oh my god